S. Polly's: A Smoke with Duddy B (12"x24") Canvas
S. Polly's: A Smoke with Duddy B (12"x24") Canvas
S. Polly

S. Polly's: A Smoke with Duddy B (12"x24") Canvas

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"A Smoke with Duddy B" is the latest painting in visual artist S. Polly's Smokers series that she is selling exclusively inside The Pier Store. Only 1 exists of this painting exists and if you live in the US, shipping is FREE.

  • 12"x24" Museum Quality Acrylic [on stretched Canvas]
  • FREE US Shipping
  • 1 of 1 Limited Edition
  • Art By: Shaena Polly


Art Print Backstory:

I am a life long cannabis enthusiast and avid music lover and concert goer. After I saw the Dirty Heads play on a private beach in the Caribbean, I knew I was hooked forever. I have probably attended at least 50 Dirty Head shows over the years, from the east coast to the west coast, to the middle of the ocean.

A quick surf through Instagram and I came across this fantastic photo of Duddy by Andreas Ramirez and transcended it into my own medium..Throw in some background nods to the Feeling Good with Duddy set, and Viola', "A Smoke with Duddy" was born. I hope you enjoy this painting in the series, and the many more to come! - Shaena Polly, dba Shaena Polly Art and The Wonderment Gallery

--Shaena Polly Art and The Wonderment Gallery--